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Step Up to the Coda Summer of Sport

Colin Dang

Step Up to the Coda Summer of Sport


As the Euros reach full time, and the Common reverts to being Wimbledon’s most famous thing, the Tokyo Olympics get set to dominate sport for weeks to come.

So, now the lockdown is easing, and new levels of activity become possible, why not use the Games as inspiration to get your fitness back on track?

As local health professionals, Coda can help our customers get outdoors, get fit and stay well as they do it. But what does ‘getting fit’ really mean – and for you, specifically?

In a series of blogs, I’ll offer guidance for a sustainable return to physical activity that boosts your mental and physical wellbeing.

Ready to begin? First, the basics.

Start with achievable goals. Reduce time spent sitting or lying down, or just doing nothing with some activity. Wander down to Coda and say hello. We love visitors!

Adults aged 19 to 64 should be physically active every day. The World Health Organisation say that, globally, one in four do not meet even minimum requirements. That’s not good.

Remember - anything beats nothing, and the more you do, the better it gets. And if you do a little too much, we can help with that.

Been locked down a long time? Get checked out by your doctor first. Your GP can measure your blood pressure, and advise if your medical history precludes certain activities.

Stop smoking. It kills 78,000 of us every year. Lockdown spawned many bad habits and Coda can offer treatments and advice to help you ditch the ciggies.

Look for activities that work the major muscles, which include your legs, hips, back, shoulders and arms, at least two days a week. We’ve added a handy list below.

The NHS suggests 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week. But running 10K and recovering in bed for a week won’t help – sustainable activity is key.

Moderate activity – like taking stairs two at a time – will make you breathe faster and feel warmer. If you can still talk, but not sing, you’re doing it right. Particularly if you’re a bad singer. ??

Examples of ‘moderate’ activity

* Leg it with brisk walking: Why not head out on Marine Parade, or find a new route?

* Get in the swim with water aerobics: The Prince Regent and King Alfred Centre have classes

* Cycling is good for you: New to riding? Click here. Want a new route? Click here.  

* Dancing: Getting your groove on in Brighton is fun, funky and fitness friendly.

* We ‘love all’ tennis, but doubles has so many social benefits, too! Find a free local court here.

* Cut the grass, reduce heart disease. Pushing a lawn mower is a great cardiovascular boost and keeps the neighbours happy!


In our next blog, we’ll take things up a notch with the move to more vigorous activity. In the meantime, take inspiration from the Games – and don’t forget your mask.

Until next time!

Coda Team

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