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Time to beat the bloat

Colin Dang


Inflation problems? Time to Beat the Bloat

As seasonal excesses and the fallout from January fad diets pass, it’s a good time to reset how we treat our digestive systems. Because when we don’t, the consequences are all too vivid.

We might as well ‘get it out there’- we love a fart gag. The British have always been hardwired to laugh at one of the body’s baser functions. From kid’s TV to the grown-ups’ Saturday night telly through to every nightclub comedian ever, jokes about the rapid escape of bodily gas is a comedic staple. The irony though, is that the reverse – trapped wind and bloating – is no laughing matter.

Bloating is unpleasant in the short term, and longer-term symptoms can suggest more serious medical conditions. Now we’re moved out of the Brussels sprouts zone, bloating cannot easily be blamed on diet alone and should not be ignored. While the symptoms are consistent, the causes vary. Swallowing air is one of the more benign.

Bloating and excess wind

A little flatulence – the polite word for farting – is fine. Most of us pass wind between five to 15 times a day. Guts UK, the UK charity fighting digestive disorders, put the ceiling figure at 40 times a day. Input often matches output, so avoid some foods, but equally small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (or SIBO) can be the cause. Your GP can test for that.

Bloating and constipation

That constant ‘over-full’ feeling isn’t nice but if you get constipation there’s a simple check list to help address it. Adding more fibre to your diet, drinking plenty of fluids and regular exercise, such as a half hour of brisk walking can get things moving. But if symptoms persist, it’s worth checking for irritable bowel syndrome. Constipation and bloating are also signposts for IBS.

Bloating and Coeliac disease

This is one for your GP. Coeliac disease occurs through malabsorption where your intestine cannot absorb gluten, a dietary protein found in wheat, pasta, barley and rye. The most obvious symptoms include diarrhoea, indigestion and the tiredness inevitable from malnutrition. Coaliac UK has plenty of information that explain what it is, tips for living a gluten-free life, and the latest research.

Coda say…

Unless you regularly use a lift, a few farts never hurt anyone. But passing too much wind for too long is a signal you shouldn’t ignore.  Our online pharmacy stocks some common medicines that can help, including specialist remedies for the symptoms of IBS. Importantly, we can also suggest when it’s time to see a doctor.

Indeed, if self-help and pharmacy treatments have not worked, and farting is affecting your life, that time might be now. That’s certainly true if you have lost weight without trying or there's blood in your poo. Remember, symptoms don’t make a diagnosis but equally, persistent problems are warning signs you’d be wise not to ignore.


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